Words. I have long been a master of them.

Skillfully manipulating and arranging words to create beauty.

However, I have not encountered those who share this same talent

Only those who use them for evil

Words, so often believed and held in the highest regard

“I love you.” “I’ll never leave you.” “You’re beautiful”

Bruised and beaten with words.

Reeling from the sting of being called useless, a whore and good for nothing

Abandoned by the one who said they would die without me.

Illusions and dreams of being a wife and mother

Only to live a nightmare of pain, regret and anger.

In words, I found healing. I found peace.  I found myself again.

I regained power, freedom and the most profound love a human being can experience

Love for oneself, love for life, love for growth and new beginnings.

Words that once damaged my insides now breathe new vitality in my lungs

I no longer scream in rage but with joy.

– Writer From Jersey

Frequencies and The Curve of Your Hips

I want our time together to mimic that of when artists spend hours in the studio.

Going several rounds creating beautiful sounds

Until that perfect melody and harmony is reached

Your body drops against mine like the perfect bass line

We dance to the rhythm of our own tune

Moans vibrating to achieve that exquisite vibe

The electric frequency between us is so real

I just want us to conceive precious sounds and generate our own music

Replay it over and over but compose a different masterpiece

Switch positions in the orchestra and play each other’s instruments of pleasure

Until the roar is deafening, mind blowing but the grand finale has been reached

We are each other’s biggest fans. Together we are entwined with the music.


She gets so lost in sound waves, frequencies and bass lines

As much as I dive into words, verbs and countless notebooks containing these

Almost how she masters the art of touching every inch of me. 

It’s like I move with every echo of rhythm she puts into place 

An exquisite masterpiece.

We are truly a force of nature when our melodies combine

Creating alluring songs, poems, interludes and monologues 

She is the guardian of sound and I am the supreme of words

Gods of the arts in our personal kingdom of passion. 

– Writer from Jersey 


I wish to be laying calm and peacefully in a meadow. A deliciously refreshing yet warm breeze caressing my worries away. Caught within multiple dimensions of harmony and tranquility. I have been scattered in this constant whirlwind of emotions. They include bitterness, rage, anger and loneliness. A part of my mind knows better than to allow these feelings to consume me. The other part finds it easy to get lost in them. Permit them to dictate the next steps I take. Let them take the lead on how my day will go and how I handle situations, people and life in general.

I have yet to master being the one in control of organizing the scattered parts of myself but I am working on the best project I could ever choose to invest in. Me.

– Writer From Jersey


Temptation and thrills. Lust and raw emotions. The night serves as a cloak to mask the true nature of its inhabitants intentions. The darkness calls out to us. Awakens us from our bed to seek adventure. Clumsily we join the drunken crowd. Tangled in each other’s kisses. Desire has painted itself throughout our bodies. We have been soaked with wine, sweat and our own wetness. She will always be the source of my madness. A constant craving. A deep rooted need for pleasure. 
– Writer From Jersey 


Never quite understood women of your kind

Cleverly disguising yourself as a rare find

When the sad reality is you’re merely a parasite

Seeking the next innocent host to feast on and smite

Poisonous are your illicit actions and venomous is your snare

Should have listened to the signs that screamed beware

I gave up my body, mind, soul and sanity to satisfy your needs

Only to end up broken and just being one of your many feeds

– Writer From Jersey


craving the sweetness of bliss, lust, pain and passion

colliding together to create beauty in it’s most carnal form

desire hanging over my entire being

thick as honey, its potency only increasing with time.

that delicious pull between my legs as you get closer

your lips burn my skin with a piercing fire

i am in flames as you sink into me

dive deep into this pool of seduction you’ve submerged me in

i am floating as my climax reaches the high point

as our sweat, juices and kisses drip over each other

like honey.


Beats and words.

A constant flow of both

Have often provided me vast comfort

In troubled times

From chaos, I create beauty

A soothing balm for the pain

Verbal elixir to soothe the senses

I am a writer, a creator, an artist

With divine favor and immaculate talent

A heart of gold and a mindset to kill

Several stories to tell and all of the time in the world to do it

Willing to lend a listening ear to anyone who requires it

This is who I am

This is Writer From Jersey

But more importantly, I was born with the name Jasmine

Who is the woman behind this computer screen

The one who needs these words almost as much as she needs oxygen

She is just like many of you.

A writer who simply wishes to write.

-Writer From Jersey

City Skyline

This city holds a familiarity for me.

For I have walked it’s streets numerous times

Been a resident at one point as well

I am immune to the constant noise, crowds and even the rancid smell of the subways

It is a home away from home for me

But the towering skyscrapers, bright lights and honking horns faded away

The sun setting in between the buildings held a deeper beauty

When I held you in my arms in that bed

New York streets became uncharted territory when I saw them through your eyes

Wonder, amazement and excitement filled me

When we walked through Greenwich Village

I had tunnel vision at the bar and even felt myself blushing

As I felt your heated gaze on me

Every time our lips touched, the room and the people in it disappeared

It was only about you and I

We made love in the sky repeatedly that weekend

As the city kept roaring in the streets below

We made our own music above

The city isn’t the same to me ¬†anymore since your presence illuminated it’s skyline

– Writer From Jersey


I have become so hardened by life and this world. I have the appearance of beauty, grace and light yet inside, I have a seemingly impenetrable darkness harbored. It wasn’t until I had enveloped myself in the softness of your embrace that I saw a glimpse of my old self returning. I remembered the good in me and began to nurture it. It is your softness that has broken down the wall I put up to protect myself. It is your softness that has brought light to my soul. It is your softness that awakens the healer in me. It is your softness that only we share together that makes the nights easier to sleep through. It is your softness that has caused me to fall so madly in love with you.

– Writer From Jersey