About Writer From Jersey

I have been writing since I could pick up a pen basically. I have been asked frequently when did I begin to write and I honestly do not have a time frame as to when. It’s almost as if writing is so engrained in my being, it comes naturally to me. I know I have alot to learn from fellow writers and I never take criticism negatively. Any art form no matter what medium it comes in, has room for more improvement. My style is varied, to say the least. I can write a ranting post or spill out some heartfelt poetry. This is my therapy, my outlet, my calm in the midst of a storm. I have aspirations to become published. I want to grow as a writer. I want writing to forever be a part of my life.

The name Writer From Jersey is truly self explanatory. I am a Jersey native born and bred. Anywhere I go, I scream New Jersey from the minute I open up my mouth. A writer is a large part of my persona as I am very observant and feel things deeper than most. I can gain inspiration from the most mundane of things and 99% of the time, it is an instantaneous occurence. So there you have it.

Yours truly, Jasmine (Writer From Jersey)