I have came a long way. I have progressed. I have been able to rise above from the ashes to not only conquer my demons but to help others wrestle with their own, even if they may not be the same as mine.

Many of my readers know it is in the very fiber of my being to help others. It comes so naturally to me that I often forget the profound impact I can have on people until it is brought to my attention.

Just a few days ago, I texted a friend of mine how she inspired me to begin enjoying my own company, going out by myself and fully embracing the concept of putting my phone on do not disturb. She texted me back saying that I had spoken on a level so deep to her, that something as encouraging as this was just what she needed to hear as she was really going through it lately with her depression. She then sent me some uplifting messages about how much she appreciates the bond we have and how we carry each other’s burdens willingly and out of love. I am heavily paraphrasing what she said but in a nutshell, that is just one example of how unknowingly, I realize I made an impact on someone.

Earlier today, I was texting another close friend of mine and she was just pouring out her soul to me and telling me how she hated that she was using drinking as an escape from the pain. Reading that message truly brought me back to my own dark days of binge drinking. I understood what it was like to be in that predicament all too well. All I could do was give her my own all too detailed experience with that and how I got myself out of it, all the while understanding that everyone is different. We grow through struggles at different paces and in different ways. She texted back with such a spirit of gratitude and relief that I understood her struggle and didn’t judge her for it. As I was giving her my account of what I had been through, I realized I was echoing the words that the people I confided in at my own time of strife once told me. It is in both of these moments with my two friends that I realized I have made a drastic turnaround. I have had these moments of clarity a few times before but they never cease to amaze me truthfully.

I know we oftentimes are so focused, caught up and in a whirlwind with our daily lives. It is just the way things are. For the universe to have infinite love for me that I can have these periods of reflecting on my journey to becoming who I am is a blessing. I forget that I have made progress.  I don’t realize how strong I am. I am extremely humbled to be able to help others in their own crusades to becoming a better version of themselves. It brings a joy so sweet and beautiful to my soul.

– Writer From Jersey


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