Break In The Clouds

Thank God and the universe for unexpected blessings and friends who genuinely have your back. I received a true blessing thanks to a friend of mine who put me in with one of the doctors she works for. I basically got hired on the spot because of a good word that was put in for me. I am forever grateful for that and am looking forward to taking full advantage of this opportunity.

This is the break in the clouds I have been needing for a long time. I may not go into complete detail about my current struggles but let’s just say I have been struggling. Struggling with my faith, finances, mental health, etc. I’ve been barely making it above water but some days, I feel like I’m drowning. Drowning while trying to keep others afloat. My mother reverting back to her anxiety, depression and other medical issues does not help make anything easier. I am not blaming her for my troubles as I am aware most of them are self inflicted. I think its the finality of many lessons learned that is getting me through all of this.

I just need to be ok. I need to get back to some type of stability because this constant back and forth, roller coaster ride is not for me. I know life will never be smooth sailing and challenges are meant to make us stronger but I think I have put myself through the wire enough.

– Writer From Jersey


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