But Why Though . .

I am definitely the product and epitome of the “Y” generation. I question every single damn thing. Whether it’s something/someone in my life, a change I need to undergo, why the sky is blue..I just ask myself a lot of questions. Some are completely pointless and can be easily dismissed from my mind but others burn a hole into my consciousness. They are an everlasting thorn in my side, keep me up at night and set my anxiety through the roof.

Questioning everything and having high empathetic tendencies can serve a great purpose but they are more draining that the most powerful leeches out there. I find that they are calmed when I am useful, busy and appreciated. I mean being appreciated can make any person feel like they’re on top of the world. It is one of those common things about human nature. Truly, one of my pet peeves is feeling useless or powerless. I understand totally that there are circumstances, things and instances that are beyond your control. Sometimes, it is vital and needed to take a step back and let things play out the way they do. I am not one to give up or back down from challenges.

I hate feeling like I am being pushed away when I am giving it my all at no costs. It causes me to question the purpose of me pressing forward. It makes me question everything I have built.

Time can be a friend but it can also be a cruel enemy with how my patience is set up. I guess this is one of many learning lessons with regards to patience.

Oh the things we do when we are in love.

  • – Writer From Jersey

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