Love Reaching The Soul

Knowing what love feels like

The kind of love that reaches into your soul

Changing it’s entire composition

Rearranging mental patterns, habits you’ve grown accustomed to

I met you and my world was pulled out from beneath me

I had no idea how fast I was falling or where I was going to end up

I just knew you were the one

Anything else I’ve felt beforehand was completely obliterated, wiped out and  unknown

It was as if life didn’t exist before you

I had not taken any breaths since before your lips found mine

My heart never pumped any blood to my brain until you grasped it in your hands

My mind was a blank slate until thoughts of you, memories of you

Visions of you colored the surface and invaded every space

I did not know what love reaching the soul was until you and I became one.

– Writer From Jersey


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