City Skyline

This city holds a familiarity for me.

For I have walked it’s streets numerous times

Been a resident at one point as well

I am immune to the constant noise, crowds and even the rancid smell of the subways

It is a home away from home for me

But the towering skyscrapers, bright lights and honking horns faded away

The sun setting in between the buildings held a deeper beauty

When I held you in my arms in that bed

New York streets became uncharted territory when I saw them through your eyes

Wonder, amazement and excitement filled me

When we walked through Greenwich Village

I had tunnel vision at the bar and even felt myself blushing

As I felt your heated gaze on me

Every time our lips touched, the room and the people in it disappeared

It was only about you and I

We made love in the sky repeatedly that weekend

As the city kept roaring in the streets below

We made our own music above

The city isn’t the same to me  anymore since your presence illuminated it’s skyline

– Writer From Jersey


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