Living Again

And I just stopped giving a fuck. I started living.. 

By nature, I am a people pleaser. I love putting a smile on a person’s face. Especially if I care about you. I am just that kind of person who strives to bring happiness to others. One of the many reasons why I have worked in the medical field for several years. I am a Taurus and while horoscopes can be downright silly sometimes, it is true that Tauruses have a compassionate nature. I have always been this way and it may have it’s advantages/positive attributes, it can also be deadly if given to the wrong person or done way too much. It also can lead to caring about what people much that you start living your life by the standards others set for you. You forget who’s life you are living and you forget yourself.

I have allowed this to happen and experienced this way too many times in my 27 years of life. I have put certain moves, feelings and just an eternal amount of thoughts on hold because I was always so worried about what others might think. Coming to terms with my sexuality was one of the biggest steps I took in my personal journey to living life for me and not giving a fuck. I have hidden several aspects of my life for fear of rejection, being shunned and abandoned. Any steps I have taken to my own happiness has required sacrifice and losing things/people who I thought mattered. One thing always remains true. Your journey is for you and only you to walk on. Those who choose to help you or accompany you along the way no matter what detours, pauses or seemingly permanent stops you make are purely golden if they remain by your side through it all. I have learned that if you need to take on this journey alone, you must do so.

Only you deal with the consequences of what you choose to do with your life. Good or bad. Staying stagnant or making moves has it’s effects. On yourself and those around you. No one should dictate your next decision. Exception to that would be your own child of course for the obvious reasons. Bottom line is, you are the gatekeeper to your journey, life and overall happiness.


  • – Writer from Jersey



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