Push the Feeling On

“And those who suffer pain, will begin to live their Lives again. And this world will be a place to learn, but its up to you, to pull us through”

Inspired by that classic 1992 Dub of Doom of Nightcrawlers “Push The Feeling On”

I have been replaying this song over and over these past couple of days. I discovered it on my random jamming sessions to classic house. I find that in times of distress, house music has brought me peace and comfort. I know the looped lyrics in this song are often misinterpreted/hard to understand but I saw a comment on YouTube with this take on them and it just brought me to tears..Especially considering current events in the world. Also from a personal note. I have lived this quote out several times in my life.

We are living in uncertain, troubling times. As a people. As a generation. As one. I am sure many of you can gather that I am not thrilled with the outcome of this recent presidential election. I am deeply disturbed and concerned for what is to come. As a woman who is gay, Hispanic and simply wanting happiness for myself and those I love, it is not okay that I feel like I need to brace myself for the absolute worst. Should I have to live in fear walking in a predominately white neighborhood, should I have to experience paranoia knowing my best friend who is also gay but also of Middle Eastern descent, a cop AND an Army veteran may not even be respected despite her badge? Should I have to worry that my grandmothers who are citizens of this country and have lived here for 30+ years but because they are Puerto Rican need to go back to the island because of flat out bigotry, hate and pure evil? I for one refuse to accept that. It angers the core of my soul that I may not be able to marry the woman of my dreams in the country I have called home since birth.

It pains me to say that my own father who is obviously Puerto Rican is a Trump supporter. I look at him as he shamelessly supports this man and I am like, you do realize he does not have your back nor the back of those who carry our bloodline.

I am holding fast to my faith in God, the universe and my beliefs. I am a woman. I am gay. I am a proud Puerto Rican. I am a U.S citizen. I AM NOT BACKING DOWN. Those who share my sentiments, we all must unite. We all must bond together. THERE WILL BE SAFETY IN NUMBERS.



God bless us all.


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