Finding The Words..Again..And Again

So I have continued to be in this slump with regards to my writing. I remember a period of time when I was able to write two masterpieces with no effort at all. Nowadays, I find I have to rip words from my brain and heart. It isn’t because I don’t want to write. It truly bothers within the deepest parts of me that I lack inspiration for any form of writing unless it hits me harder than a speeding bullet. I wish that my writing came as effortlessly as it used to. Have I hit an everlasting plateau and will somehow snap out of it eventually? Or will this just be a newfound style and I have no choice but to embrace/settle for it?

Truthfully, I am 50/50 as to where I stand and how I want to go forward with these feelings. I just followed some awesome poetry blogs on here and plan on continuing to do so. I felt like a warm blanket was just placed over me as I immersed myself in reading other people’s work. It was as if I was being welcomed by old friends. The more I started reading the poetry of others tonight, I began to sense that unmistakable pull. This is where you truly belong, Jaz. You are still a poet, a writer, a verbal artist who can paint the most intricate pictures and evoke feelings in yourself or others by the words you write. You have to stop being so hard on yourself and creating these standards that in reality are not there.

I have had several shifts, changes and twists with my life, as I imagine many have. One constant that has remained no matter how much time passes is my love, passion and ability to write. This gift I have had since birth it appears will never leave me. It flows in my veins as if it is an integral part of my blood composition. As vital as white and red blood cells are, as crucial as platelets are in stopping one from bleeding to death, that is what writing is to me.

Truly just astounded myself with that last statement as it really just exploded from the innermost remnants of my mind and I had to pause and think to myself, did I write that?!?

This too shall pass. Right?

-Writer From Jersey


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