Rising Above

one-pulse-orlandoRising Above


Fear. It is something that we all have had to face

Generation after generation

Decade after decade

We’ve never had the luxury of automatic acceptance

Yet our unity has remained strong despite the constant strife

All because of our choice to simply love who we want to love ‘

We have sought refuge in eachother, certain places and in whatever avenues life offers for us to be ourselves

Yet on June 12,2016 we had that horrendously robbed from us

Without any valid reason, justification or any right

What should have been a blissful night out filled with happiness only turned into carnage, terror and utter pain caused by hate, ignorance and blatant disrespect for human life

Yes human life, because regardless of who we love, identify as or just our mere existence on this earth, we are all human.

God and any entity we choose to believe in loves us all

And to the man who took it upon himself to think he had that right to choose who lived or died,

I truly hope you are receiving the full extent of karma.

I hope your soul bleeds eternally for all of those who shed blood that night

Those who shed tears for loved ones lost

I hope fear paralyzes your entire soul for the fear you instilled on innocents

I may stand here as one woman but I am also here to speak on behalf of those precious angels who were taken from us so soon that night

We have never met before but just know I am here to show you all of the love that is within me

I am here on behalf of your families who are mourning your abscence

I am here because I too have lost a loved one due to someone else’s ignorance

I have also lost myself once before due to the ignorance of those who failed to accept me

But I remained true to myself

As I know many of you have and did so that night

Not knowing what was going to happen

I stand with Pulse. I stand with Orlando. I stand with love.

And we will continue to rise above.
-Writer From Jersey


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