Deep Within Me

There are many residents that call my body, soul and mind their home.

Each and every single one pay their dues at my expense.

Make their presence known as a result of my ever fading sanity.

I have grown accustomed to the shifting tides in my patience.

Fell victim to the constant assault of guilt, rage and sadness caged next to my heart.

My own eyes have deceived me on several occasions.

Perceiving visions of demons to be angels.

Enemies to be friends.

Misguided feelings, affection and torrid affairs of lust to be love.

I do not even trust my own heart as battered as she is.

She loves the pain, lives for the thrill of someone claiming her.

It is not the wrongdoing done to me that has me cold and bitter.

It is my own willingness to surrender to torturous bliss.

A masochist to her own soul.


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