Lipstick & Pearls

I knew I was fucked once I caught your gaze from across the room at that God forsaken gala filled with boring ass bureaucrats. I had one too many glasses of champagne and wanted to die of absolute annoyance. But I was stuck in my bubble of routine and what was expected of me. Then I saw you and felt every ounce of restraint break inside me. I turned away to grab another glass of champagne when I felt a hand on my waist and a whisper in my ear, “oh I think you’ve had entirely too much to drink baby.” My body responses went haywire as I heard your voice. I turned around to face you with my head slightly lowered and said “I’m sorry maam” in my best subdued tone. You told me to look into your eyes and I saw the burn in your stare. The intensity in your body language and the desire emanating from you. You grab my waist firmly and nudge me in the direction of the door. I hide a satisfied smile because I knew I had accomplished my goal. Testing the waters of your control and ultimately quenching my thirst for you. The night had only just begun. 

To be continued .. 

– Writer From Jersey 


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