Tread Water

treading-water03This will be the first of many posts inspired by my favorite producer Araabmuzik. I literally just discovered an instrumental by him called “Tread Water” thus inspiring this piece. Enjoy.

Stranded out at sea with a raging storm on my heels

Drowning within these waves of doubt, fear and pain

I thought I could reach the shore by now but the current keeps pulling me under

I have blacked out and woken up again only to find that I am still a castaway

No rescue seems near by.

Cried out to God and it seems He’s covered his ears in frustration

My heart is the anchor that permits me to sink deeper into the depths of the ocean

Of feelings never reciprocated and high hopes that died before they had a chance to rise

Hung unto dear life for the very last time.

Can’t tread water towards a destination that is unreachable and unknown.

-Writer From Jersey


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